Visual uniformity inside

White sand is nice.

But black ML … you won’t know if it’s blackmail or a blacklist :frowning: :wink:

White sands color should be (+/-) FDFAEC or F5EED5 :wink:

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And with e9e9e9 ?

Y’all could do like M$ and make everything grey. Then it’s all uniform… :scream:

What are you referring to?

It’s a joke.

Edit: I actually like colors. Especially bright and pastel colors. Bright colors are probably better for this forum IMHO.

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Could put “Mailing Lists” in the color pink.


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I think that my original question is solved: colour uniformity in categories shared through different languages (Support, Resources, Coffee, Announcement).

Another question as been solved too: different colours between different categories. Not too many different in some cases (at level 1, pink mailing list similar to English; at level 2, red/orange/strong pink in Desktop Art, Development Testing and [universal] Resources are similar too), but they are different, without doubt.

I also celebrate the fact that language colour can be related to representative country flag colours.

OMV colours are in the “pastel skyblue” region of the visible spectrum, and the site reflects that too.

I let the decision of “convenient tonalization” of some items to more expert eyes.

To finish, I cite some words of Gaël Duval, expressed in a test of OMV Linux:

  • “There is a visual lack of consistency between several desktop areas and icons in the system”. He’s speaking of OMV 2014, of course. But this cannot be applied to Discourse site anymore ! :wink:
  • “This lack of visual consistency is a common issue in many Linux distribution and difficult goal to achieve”. Yeap. But taking some short steps, we can achieve that consistency !
  • “Main desktop colours are a little « sad » in my (Gaël Duval’s) taste”. Yes. They’re “sad” to my too. I prefer dark themes with some contrast. Dark blue and yellow, black and yellow or black and green (this last, Manjaro’s colours). Having skyblue as “OMV colour”, I would like black and skyblue or dark blue and skyblue. But, of course, it’s a matter of taste. It’s much more important to have the global consistency that Duval says. That’s why I enjoy the new dark theme in OMV Lx3.

Post edit:
I cannot find the “solved” icon, as it’s said in (ok, I understand this is not under “Support”). I added “[solved]” to the tittle.

I’d like too (see this :wink: )

Sadly, we had to revert to light theme because of some issues, which btw it seems not even solved yet upstream, but things are improving.
Once Beta release is out we can test the dark environment and see if it’s mature enough to be adopted for final release.

Try now.

The icon appear.
But only in your last post, not in last mine or in your message posted 4 hours ago (the last change, after setting pink as mailing list colour).

I’ll remove “[solved]” in the tittle.

Btw, you can search for solved topics by adding in:solved in the search window or in:unsolved for the opposite.


:+1: Very useful feature.

In the Spanish dialect I know best, “Coffee Break” translated literally would be super long, “Descanso para tomar café” and doesn’t make much sense :laughing: we don’t get paid nearly enough to be dealing with all this localization.

Yes (I’m Argentinian, so Spanish is my native language). But yo can freely talk of any theme in the “pausas para el café” !

Mmmmm, interesting. In Mexican Spanish which I learned I don’t think that’s used. It’s not my native language though so I can’t talk.
I think it’s still too long for using as the title of a category, though. It’s difficult to scan as you’re going down the list of threads. “Chat Abierto” is shorter and makes its purpose known right from the first word, so I think we should stick to that. If you think we should change it we could always open a poll and ask the whole Spanish community.

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Here in Argentina “Coffee break” is used too. And pretty used, meaning “pausa (o descanso) para tomar café”.

You can freely talk during a coffee break. But much more important, you can eat a lot of tasty things and a warm coffee during a coffee break !! :wink: