Virtualbox Error on Boot


I am running Rolling Rome Slim.
My Desktop environment is KDE. I am running on hardware and not VM.

Whenever I boot into the desktop I get this notification:
VBoxClient: the virtualbox kernel service is not running. Exiting

I have not installed Virtualbox. It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything on my system, it just bugs me. Why is this happening? Thanks in advance for your response! :grinning:

Edit: The error is harmless.

Do you know the Build ID of the iso you used?

Is system up to date? To properly update ROME you have to use terminal (Konsole) like this:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync

reboot and see if the error persists.

Edit: I will try to reproduce this issue when I get some time. I am wondering if simply installing another (newer) kernel would get rid of that error.

This looks like something systemd is calling, but I do not know how to stop.
I tested ROME-slim x86_64 iso, build ID 1476. I see that error when I boot the iso ‘Live’ but when I boot to installed on hw system I do not see that error.

The error looks like something being called by systemd:

Nov 07 14:01:54 omv-1476 systemd[959]: Started app-vboxclient@autostart.service - vboxclient.
Nov 07 14:01:54 omv-1476 systemd[959]: Reached target - Startup of XDG autostart applications.

Perhaps this issue was corrected with a newer version of systemd? I know I used to see this error but don’t see it recently except on ‘Live’ iso.

I’m sorry I don’t remember what build the ISO was. My system is also fully updated.

I am going to download and install build 1476 like you did and see if the error persists on install.

Thanks for your response and your help!

@miltonsj that iso is a ROME slim x86_64 iso. The slim iso’s do not have much software beyond browser, Dolphin, and Konsole. If it works you can use and install whatever else you wish or you might want to use this one which is the full featured iso (# 1477). It is similar to ROME Gold with some newer packages.

We use the slim iso’s mostly for chasing certain problems to save time. Some users do prefer them.

Ok, Ben. I installed Build 1476 Slim ISO and the error is gone. Don’t know what happened, but that did it!

I do prefer to use a Slim build because I don’t need all the other apps. Maybe I will move to the full featured build at some point. Thank you so much for solving my small problem.

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My guess is an updated version of systemd packages.

You are welcome to keep using that and now you know where to find them. We can be confident that @rugyada will keep building the Slim ISO’s for ROME and Cooker.

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You can be sure :wink:

Thanks @rugyada @ben79 . I appreciate you both!

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