VirtualBox audio not coming out of Bluetooth or USB headphones

I tried to install blueman (Bluetooth Manager) to see if Bluetooth will work. In some of my VirtualBoxes it does and in others, it doesn’t.

dnf is showing blueman is looking for packages providing python2-dbus and python2-gobject3:

 Problem: conflicting requests
  - nothing provides python2-dbus needed by blueman-1.23-4.x86_64
  - nothing provides python2-gobject3 needed by blueman-1.23-4.x86_64
(try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages)

Bug report filed:

The bug report has been updated. Suggestion was to use bluedevil, which I discovered was already installed.

The audio (through VirtualBox) continues to come out of the PC speakers, regardless of whether Bluetooth headphones are paired to the dongle, or if USB headphones are used.

Is Bluetooth/USB audio even possible through VBox? I found some posts online that said it passes the audio to the host, but with the Bluetooth headphones paired to the host, the audio still comes out of the speakers.

Apparently, for USB 2 and 3 support, it requires the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack to be installed (on the host, through VBox Tools/Extensions) from Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox (that file supports all platforms).

However, after installing this, audio continues to come out of the PC speakers, so I suppose USB and by extension, Bluetooth, audio, from the VBox, is not possible.

EDIT: Bug report has been closed, unable to resolve. It’s not an OpenMandriva issue.

This has been resolved. A setting in the PulseAudio Volume Control was somehow changed. The icon to set Bluetooth as fallback was clicked and that restored the Bluetooth audio. VirtualBox passes the audio to the host.