Video Driver for AMD HD-7770?

I need some help setting up a driver for my AMD HD-7770 GPU. I am able to run OpenMandriva 3.0 in “Basic Graphics” mode and I have tried the available AMD drivers on the “Welcome Page” without success. I multi-boot several other versions of Linux so I am able to read and write to the OpenMandriva file system without difficulty. I was very excited to hear that OpenMandriva 3.0 has been compiled with Clang and I am very anxious to be able to get it running. Here are a few details:

CPU:               AMD FX-9590
Motherboard:  MSI 990FXA

My thanks,
Steven Sladewski

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@colin @ben do you think you can help?

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BiggSteve welcome to OpenMandriva and thanks for trying OM Lx 3.0. Also thanks for reporting this issue. Hope you enjoy the experience.

Unfortunately I don’t know what to do but have asked about this on the OpenMandriva Cooker mailing list. Cooker is the development version of OM and that is one place where one is likely to get attention of developers. Another is #openmandriva-cooker on Freenode IRC. Feel free to chat here there are developers and non-developers alike lurking about. Note: there is an #openmandriva IRC channel but it isn’t used much at all. Currently all of our IRC chatting is on the one channel #openmandriva-cooker. Also your problem is well worthy of a bug report. That’s at:

OpenMandriva bugzilla

Edit: You’re welcome to sign Cooker ML or other ML’s if you wish:

OpenMandriva mailing lists

I hope the latest reply from @fedya will help.

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Who basically suggests to try with the packages you will find at

Please Steven let us know if it works for you. Thanks :wink: