Version for Apple Mac M1 CPU?

gives an version running on Apples M1 Macs in future?
In first step in an VM (Parallels, VMware Fusion, etc.)?

Please look & answer too.

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since the M1 is a variant of aarch64, the CPU should simply work – but it looks like nothing is known about the GPU, so chances are the aarch64 version will “work”, but without any reasonable graphics support.

Nobody of us has the hardware, so it is unlikely that someone will put a lot of effort into this – but of course if someone else releases drivers under a reasonable license, we can try building an install image. Given it’s an aarch64 CPU, all the packages are there (albeit without specific optimizations for the M1).

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I guess this problem of missing M1 graphics support will have to be solved by the Linux (or BSD) base community. Apple will certainly have to reveal more about the M1 (and its successor).
Microsoft also has this same problem.
PS: Mandrake belonged before 2000, beside Suse, to the first Linux distributions with which I concerned myself.
The Mac like desktop interests me very much.