VBoxClient dosn't run

I have installed OpenMandriva in a VirtualBox 5.2.8.
But I have on starting the Desktop(LXQt) a message:
VBoxClient: VBoxClient (seamless): failed to start. Stage: Setting guest IRQ filter mask Error: VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR

How can I clear this situation?

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

At first I thought it could be a problem with the ISO LXQT image but after quick looking in the internet. I do not think so.
This look like issue with guess additions.
What version of guess addition do you have? Is match with VirtualBox revision 5.2.8? If no, download correct revision and unmount previous and mount this new.

Tell me also name and version of host system. If Linux then remember to not use guess addition from system repo, just from virtualbox because from what I see in website for example ga from ubuntu can causing this issue. If this not help can u try disable guess addition and boot OpenMandriva again?

first of all please tell which ISO file are you using, if downloaded from abf which build number (ID).