Using Matrix IRC client in OM Lx (All versions)


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In OpenMandriva we have available in our repos 3 Matrix clients. They are available in OM Lx 4.2, Rolling, and Cooker branches. They are NeoChat, Mirage, and Quaternion. Package names are neochat, matrix-mirage, and quaternion.

To use any of these you first have to set up your Matrix account in the Matrix browser instance. After doing that and installing your client you simply enter your Matrix username or nick and your password. The rest is basic, and intuitive. Have fun.

Using this is a great way to participate with the OpenMandriva Community and to get help from more knowledgeable folks in OM Community like developers and package maintainers. Using IRC you need to be patient. We are a small group and everyone has other responsibilities like jobs and families.

Of course you may just use the browser instance, I did myself for a long time. Just installed my first Matrix clients yesterday. I installed all three, so far I am liking NeoChat. Mirage is great to use if you like dark applications.

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