Using dnf

will DNF have a … g u i …or be terminal based or both ?

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I’m not sure, but it seems to me that it can be “dnfdragora”. More info: GitHub - manatools/dnfdragora: dnfdragora is a dnf frontend based on libyui abstraction

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As @AngryPenguin says there will likely be dnfdragora which is part of a suite of tools in manatools. Manatools is a possible replacement for OMCC/drakconf. dnfdragora would be a replacement for rpmdrake.

Also devs say that PackageKit should work much better with dnf so we will continue to have Discover. In Lx 3 Discover updater works but the package manager itself really isn’t all there and can’t do much. So in Lx 4 Discover is supposed to be in a full working, full featured, state.

(urpmi and Packageakit never worked well together, common knowledge by now).

So it may be possible that we end up with better GUI’s for administration stuff overall in Lx 4 overall as compared to now in Lx 3. Depends on development and how much help developers are able to get from the community.

I would suggest that those interested in the GUI apps get involved in testing them as early in the process as possible. Really if we want to make this a strong release whatever interest various users among us have should get involved in testing what you are interested in as early as possible. Remember there is more to do here that just testing. You can communicate to developers what you want a specific app or tool to do and give feedback through out the process. Users can literally participate in designing how things work by being active in this process.

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A lot of perceived weakness in OpenMandriva Lx 3 is due to lack of diversity in the group of testers and lack of volume of testing due to the group being to small to effectively test a major Linux desktop distro. Yes I’m clearly saying Lx 3 flat out did not get enough testing. None of us that were involved liked this we just did the best we could with the resources we had.

We would love to have more people involved with varied uses and interests and needs. Also that will inevitably broaden the hardware selection that is tested on and all of this together helps make for a stronger release.

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Thank you , @AngryPenguin & @ben79 This is very informative ,

Ben I can appreciate your passion so…how does one participate in testing new apps , I understand the importance of user evaluation to the authors of software.


Hello @jimmyc, please see this good news as we even had more GUI programs right now.