User wants to install 3rd party software

  • Description of the issue:

User wishes to install some 3rd party software and it will not install because of some missing dependency. Or the software does not open/work because of some other problem.

  • What user needs to know.:

The first thing to know is who is responsible for problems with 3rd party software. The responsibility lies with the person installing the software and the folks that made the software.

The user should do some searching on the internet and not expect other people to search for you. One common “trick” is to copy an error message and use that in the search terms.

Linux distros are not obligated to keep libraries (lib of lib64 packages) or software as dependencies for software that the distro does not package. If there are missing dependencies it is up to the person installing the 3rd party software to find these.

This not an OpenMandriva problem nor a problem with OpenMandriva.

  • How to find a missing dependency:

Note: These dnf commands query enabled repositories only. You should try both commands now.

By package name: If the 3rd party software provider tells what dependencies are required you can use this command to see if the package is available on your system:

dnf search package_name

For example try: dnf search protobuf

Where you replace ‘package_name’ with the actual package name. However it is not uncommon that the package is named differently in OMLx so if this command does not find it then you will need to ask in forum or on OpenMandriva Matrix channel. The Matix channel is likely to lead to an answer sooner, but you do need to be patient and wait until someone sees and answers. People in different time zones and so forth.

You can also search packages by name with one of the GUI package managers such as dnfdrake or dnfdragora.

By missing file name: If you try to install a 3rd party package and get an error that mentions what we call a .so file, a file ending in .so or .so.xx you try to find the package that provides this with this command:

Example: The error says you cannot install the package because dnf can not find So to find what provides that file:

dnf repoquery --whatprovides ''

  • Other places to look:

Also generally one may find .rpm’s at Fedora, CentOS, or OpenSUSE that might work. But keep in mind that just because Fedora, CentOS, or OpenSUSE have the .rpm you need is not a guarantee that the .rpm will work in OMLx. OpenMandriva does not have any goal to be fully compatible with any other Linux distro. We are not aware of any Linux distro with any such goal regarding OMLx. If you find the .rpm you need at some other Linux distro that’s great. If it does not work it does not indicate any problem with your OMLx system nor is it something OpenMandriva should fix. It simply is not OpenMandriva software.

It is understandable for a user to ask in OpenMandriva forum if anyone knows of a way to get some 3rd party software to work. But user should understand that such support is likely limited to someone suggesting where one might find a .rpm package that provides the needed dependency. Or someone familiar with the 3rd party software may know suggestions to fix other problems keeping the software from working in OMLx like a file than needs a change.

The best place to ask for help with 3rd party software is with the foks that made the software. It is their code not OpenMandriva code.

Users can make feature and package requests at OpenMandriva GitHub Issues. You will need a GitHub account.
The feature and package requests must necessarily include the upstream project homepage link and the source download link.

Users wishing to help make OpenMandriva Lx better should consider:


Get Involved

Remember all OpenMandriva Contributors are unpaid, volunteers.

This topic will be closed. Should you encounter any difficulties with your attempt at 3rd party software first search the internet and contact the people that made the software.

If you feel folks at OpenMandriva forum can help please open a topic with a descriptive title and enough information so someone can help.

Remember we can not fix “It’s broken”. If software does not open try opening the software from terminal (Konsole) and posting the output. When you post information post all of it, not the part you think some one else might need to know.

Remember to post code as code. That is the </> icon left above where you write your post.

If the information is more than 20 or so lines put it in a file (.txt) and post that in your fourm post.

Have fun. Enjoy life. Enjoy OMLx.