Useless or to be merged categories and ideas

I’m speaking at least for English section. I have the feeling that workshop and meta have more or less the same purpose (even if Meta is dedicated to discourse, I don’t see any reason to duplicate)

Lounge is useless imho.

For support, instead of having lot of categories, I suggest having just one “support” categories with tags such as “OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1” “OpenMandriva Lx 3” “Cooker” and “Hardware” “Installation” etc. So that you don’t hesitate between hundreds of categories, but just add suitable tags.

Not sure yet about “tutorials” but the idea is to have a place where you can add very structured content (howtos, tutorials…), in opposition to questions or free speech. Maybe this place could be writable either automatically when you reach level 2 or 3, or when someone gives you the right to do, for avoiding anyone writing anything in it…

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Have to admit I didn’t go deep yet in order to understand what the “Meta” and the “Lounge” mean… : )

Tutorial should be a writing restricted area, because as you can see at current forum T&T almost lost its original purpose.
Users write there also for request support etc.
I know, because I regularly clean that section :dog:

My suggestion is to copy/paste in Tutorial useful tutorials and tips & tricks already published in general forum (with credits and link).


Hi, it seems there is no “tutorial” or “T&T” section. I’d like to write something that isn’t directly linked to OMLx so I couldn’t publish it in “support”, “QA” or “Coffee break”.
The topic is “An enhanced CTL R for the console”. I don’t see a suitable category. What could you suggest?

PS: yes, I know this a very old topic (I mean, the current one).

Resources ?

Ok. If this is not the right place, it will be time to modify later :wink:

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