URL automatic shortening: PLEASE VOTE!


@bero has grabbed some few free domain names, for url shortening.

As an example, we can use http://omdv.tk/45 as an url shortening.

Amongst the list grabbed by bero, which one do you prefer?

  • omdv.tk
  • omdv.ml
  • omdv.ga
  • omdv.gq
  • omdv.cf
  • no-g.tk

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(Poll closed 2019-02-13)

no-g.tk was just for fun, of course :wink:
Among the others, I think omdv.ml could be used for mailing lists (omdv ml = omdv mailinglist). omdv.cf (cf == config), maybe for pointing at articles on proper configuration on the wiki.
I don’t think .tk, .ga or .gq have any particular meaning, so I guess we could use all of those for general purpose stuff.

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omdv.ga can be a cname to gallery, then :slight_smile:

Freenom just took away omdv.ml, omdv.ga, omdv.cf and omdv.gq for inactivity. Will try to grab them again, but in the mean time we can’t use them.