Upgrading ROME from Plasma5 to Plasma6

I had similar problems during the upgrade. I had to uninstall kdf as it requires lib64kdfprivate.so.23. That was just the start though. Here is a list of packages I removed to get Plasma6 installed.
Packages that had conficts and needed to be removed to install task-plasma6.x86_64
dnf rm lib64kpimkontactinterface
dnf rm lib64kontactprivate5
dnf rm lib64kdfprivate
dnf rm breeze-icons-5.115.0-1.noarch
dnf rm powerdevil
dnf rm plasma-desktop-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm plasma-browser-integration-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm plasma-workspace-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm plasma-vault-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm libksysguard-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm kwin-x11-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm kdeplasma-addons-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm kwin-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm kmenuedit-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm konsole-1:23.08.5-1.x86_64
dnf rm discover-5.27.11-2.x86_64
dnf rm kdialog-1:23.08.4-1.x86_64
dnf rm polkit-kde-agent-1-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm baloo-5.115.0-1.x86_64
dnf rm ksshaskpass-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm oxygen-sounds-5.27.11-1.noarch
dnf rm kaccounts-integration-23.08.5-1.x86_6
dnf rm lib64keyring-kwallet16-23.08.5-1.x86_64
dnf rm drkonqi-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm plasma-integration-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm breeze-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm kscreenlocker-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm kscreen-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm milou-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm kde-cli-tools-5.27.11-1.x86_6
dnf rm xdg-desktop-portal-kde-1:5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm plasma-pa-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm plasma-nm-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm bluedevil-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm libkscreen-5.27.11-1.x86_64
dnf rm okular-postscript-23.08.5-1.x86_64
dnf rm oxygen-icons-2:5.115.0-1.noarch
dnf rm kcalc-23.08.5-1.x86_64
dnf rm kio-extras-23.08.5-1.x86_64

Packages needed to install after upgrade to plasma6
dnf install kf6-breeze-icons-6.0.0-2 --allowerasing
dnf install distro-release-desktop-Plasma
dnf install om-feeling-like
dnf install plasma6-systemsettings
dnf install firefox
dnf install google-chrome-stable.x86_64
dnf install plasma6-dolphin.x86_64
dnf install plasma6-disks.x86_64
dnf install plasma6-dolphin-plugins.x86_64
dnf install plasma6-gwenview.x86_64
dnf install plasma6-kate.x86_64
dnf install timeshift-24.01.1-1.x86_64
dnf install plasma6-okular
dnf install plasma6-workspace-wayland.x86_64
dnf install plasma6-workspace-wallpapers
dnf install plasma6-print-manager
dnf install plasma6-oxygen
dnf install plasma6-okular-txt plasma6-okular-tiff
dnf install plasma6-kwrite
dnf install plasma6-kcalc
dnf install plasma6-kdesdk-kio
dnf install plasma6-kio-extras

Thanks for posting that. That is interesting and very useful knowledge. To my knowledge we are not ready for upgrading Plasma5 to Plasma6 in Cooker yet. And like everything this work is done and tested in Cooker before it is moved to ROME/rolling.

This thread, according to the original post, is about simply upgrading a LXQt system installed from a LXQt iso. Upgrading ROME from Plasma5 to Plasma6 is very different.

Users need to understand that when it come to tracking problems there is a huge difference between a LXQt system installed from a LXQt iso vs. a system installed from a KDE Plasma5 iso with LXQt added. Users need to be very specific about that.

Very true. Sorry about that. Aside from the KDF issue my post was off topic.

I was not meaning to be critical just to keep this topic on track. The information you provided is very useful as it relates to something the OM contributor group is working on now. From my perspective it tells me we have considerable more work to do before we can force ROME/rolling Plasma systems to upgrade to Plasma6.

I am thinking about moving these last 4 posts to a new topic “Upgrading ROME from P5 to P6”. WDYT? I think we may well have other users interested in this and interested in helping us work through the issues involved.

That works for me. There are a couple other issues I will add when the new topic is created.

Welcome back to @clb.

This topic was created from another post here. Since it is something we in the OM contributor group are working on I thought we should begin the discussion on this in the forum for user input. We really depend on user input.

To be clear OM developers have not to my knowledge said that we are ready to tell users to upgrade from Plasma5 (P5) to Plasma6 (P6). But users that are willing to try can help us make this an easier transition for other users.

I am using Cooker Plasma6 as my main system now but this system was installed from a Cooker znver1 P6 iso. So upgrading from P5 to P6 is new to me and this forum thread is my beginning at testing this,

OpenMandriva always recommends doing a fresh install for something like this over doing an upgrade. However we want to offer users the option of upgrading.

There is a ROME Plasma6 iso:

ROME Plasma6 x86_64 snapshot iso

Please use most recent iso build. This iso is X11 and boots to X11 so it can be used in VirtualBox. To use Wayland you will need to install task-plasma6-wayland after installing the iso.

A couple of other issues after upgrading to Plasma6 were:

  1. During the install of task-plasma6.x86_64 the screen went black. Could still get to virtual console though. Reboot after enabling sddm fixed things.
  2. sddm did not start on boot so I had to enable it.
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