Upgrading from Rock/5.0 to ROME/rolling (2024-01-20)


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Rock/5.0 Plasma desktop

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Upgrading from Rock/5.0 to ROME/rolling:

  1. Be sure your Rock/5.0 system is fully up to date.

  2. If there are any problems in your Rock system fix them before doing the system upgrade.

  3. Open “Software Repository Selector” and switch repos to rolling. Disable any 3rd party repos, you can re-enable them after the system upgrade.

Run the following commands in Konsole:

  1. sudo dnf clean all

  2. sudo dnf dsync --allowerasing | tee dsync.log.txt

  3. sudo dnf autoremove | tee autoremove.log.txt

  4. Reboot (type reboot in Konsole and hit Enter)

  5. To check that upgrade was successful: In Konsole type cat /etc/release and/or neofetch.

Note: The lcommand sudo dnf dsync --allowerasing | tee dsync.log.txt creates the log dsync.log.txt in case there may be some problem. Likewise the command sudo dnf autoremove | tee autoremove.log.txt creates the log autoremove.log.txt.

Note-2: You could install fastfetch IMO it is better than neofetch.

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Anyone upgrading to Cooker is supposed to know what they are doing and be able to solve at east some problems for themselves. Also Cooker is a development platform. Sometimes developers have to break things to do their work. If you can not handle things being broken at times in Cooker either do not use Cooker OR keep another OMLx system for production work.

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