Upgrade 2014.2 to LX 3.0 safe?


I found there is new OpenMandriva LX 3.0 in RC1 stage. Is it safe to upgrade 2014.2 to LX 3.0, has anybody upgraded, any experience? Should I wait for 12.8. for GA release or to use RC1?


I think you’d be the first to try this upgrade

backups needed :wink:

Is there anybody who has upgraded successfully? I found one thread with fail: https://forum3.openmandriva.org/t/upgrading-from-previous-openmandriva-lx-2014-2-to-openmandriva-lx-3/600. I wouldn’t like to end with corrupted OS.

I advise you not to do any upgrades
It is unknown territory

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The famous youneverknowland :smile: