UPdating Xscreensaver

When I launch the GL xscreensaver a pop up window appears, that warn I’m using a too old version, and suggest to self update to the 5.38 new version, by downloading and compiling the configuration files.
The warning is in the picture, the log file describes what happens launching the compiling procedure. It stops during the file checking step, telling it doesn’t find some headers files, possibly because the directories are elsewhere positioned.
Can you help doing it ? Otherwise, please, tell me how to write down and send a bug report, so as to make developers to package the new version of xscreen saver.
Than you.
xscreensaver.txt (3.9 KB)


I’ve tried and it works. SInce the GL group of screen savers is still at the 5.36 version, GLslide show (that is my preferred one, that I use with my own pictures, cannot yet be used, I guess I’ll have to wait…

You mean this xscreensaver-gl-5.38-1?

Sorry…didn’t seen !
That’s all right, thanks

No problem. (Wishing all my own mistakes were so simple and easy!) :grinning:

Seems to be in main update now.