Update wiki page for 4.0 release

@Developers please review the wiki pages for 4.0 release.


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I’ve done best I can at updating 4.0/Alpha/Release Notes - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva and 4.0/Alpha/Errata - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva.

I don’t think we can get these completely correct and complete without developers reviewing and editing. @bero, @Colin, @fedya, and @TPG (Did I miss anyone, hope not.)

Post-edit: And I hope I did not FUBAR these…

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Shall I create a new page 4.0/Roadmap (or Release plan) ?


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Yes, I think, but who know when we will have dates for a Roadmap? FWIW such dates are an guesstimate no one need worry about something etched in stone. OM does not do etched in stone.

Post-edit: I say do it and just make up dates and wait till powers that be decide to modify them…

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Maybe we should ask devs to review these pages and correct, add, subtract, as needed at next TC-Meeting?

And I may need to give up on the stupid repository errors and hope they are healed over time or by osmosis?

Sure it’s a must-have.

Fact is that the package will need of some adjustment any way, otherwise we’ll find cooker repos enabled in release :grin: :upside_down_face:

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Yes, true, but I have been asking about this for ever and it never gets changed.

The reason I’m so intent on this for Lx 4 is that we are making some big changes users aren’t ready for and many will not like. See here.

This could go so much smoother if we would put forth the effort to get rid on unnecessary errors. We could do it and it will matter.

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Right. It could be item for Errata and/or Resources Tips&Tricks, but imho it’s silly to have a [minor] bug discovered early not be trivial fixed.

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There are bug reports on the repository cluckups:

Repos incorrectly named with incorrect URL’s

Lx 4 repo enabled in Cooker installation.

Another bug report got fixed:

Repository cooker-x86_64 is listed more than once in the configuration

Some people persist in talking about these as if they “aren’t important”. But this stuff goes in our Lx 4 Alpha ISO’s and it is important when things like this get to our user base and to the public, reviewers, and so on.

I’ll sat it again, “Developers don’t tend to understand what users see as important, or what users see as scary errors”. They need for us in QA to tell them but they also need to listen.

Post-edit: Even thought bug 2387 got fixed we now have new errors about nonfree/non-free stuff being listed twice, this is reported in bug 2388.

The stuff I’m talking about all users will see if it is not fixed. Not many users will ever know if OM Lx 4 works on Wandboards or Raspberry PI’s or Armboards… Very few users will know if the special ryzen ISO is good, great, or indifferent, but they all will see if we don’t have our repositories correctly configured. Don’t mean to imply that the other stuff is not important and desired but it seems getting our repositories correct should be a higher priority.

Post-edit-2: If I left the impression above that developers don’t care and haven’t done anything about the clucked up repos, that is false, wrong, and not intended. @Colin has made a strong effort to fix most of these issues. As noted bug 2387 did get fixed and bug 2388 got changed with some things fixed but new issues creeping in. I should have better worded my post to reflect this effort by @Colin. His efforts are very much appreciated in this corner.

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