Update wiki page for 3.02 release


any volunteer who can help with updating wiki’s page related to 3.02 ?

Good “what’s new” and “release notes” are needed ASAP :slight_smile:

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Need folks to check this page. I know who edited it and he’s been known to make errors. Please check hyperlinks as well.


Looks good. Please mention LLVM and gcc with glibc versions.

Was just about to ask if there is anything we want/need to add?

Added gcc and glibc. If that’s not what you had in mind let me know.

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Some changes made to 3.02/Release_Notes.
Mostly package version changes. This section seems to need a rewrite:

"Intel Graphics Chips

Intel graphics chips are fully supported.

For 6th generation Skylake GPUs, you should use kernel 4.6 instead of 4.1.18-nrjQL. "

in view of kernel 4.11.1 being current kernel version but I’m not sure how to work it or if that line can be eliminated.

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I’d suggest to remove that line.

I’d suggest to remove that line.

I will do right now.

Anything to be published in Errata page?

This is 3.0 Errata, the usual folks needed for checking what must be copied and what is no more useful to 3.02 current state. And what to add, if any.


Copy/pasted the old Errata page into 3.02 Errata.
Please @Cooker revise it and correct if you find any errors, or delete the outdated bits if any.

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Thanks for doing.

I see 2 things that may need some attention:

In the section ‘Calamares Installer’ the line:

“Dual Installs (EFI and BIOS booting on the same disk) and BIOS install on GPT partitioned disks.”

Seems incomplete. Or should it be a header? I did edit this section but it should be checked by Colin and TPG.

I changed bugtracker to Bugzilla.

In the section ‘Contact, Bug Reporting, Discussion’ should mailing lists be there?

I received notification of changes, and was looking right now. Yes I thought the same :wink:

And now thankfully the Errata page is no longer empty.

It seems to be an introducition to the text which follows, afaics.

Dual Installs (EFI and BIOS booting on the same disk) and BIOS install on GPT partitioned disks:
Please be aware that… etc etc.

Yep :grin:

Added section about Kdenlive Video Editor. This needs review.

Bug tracker is way more proper word than Bugzilla :wink:

However Issue Tracker is my favourite (Issue Tracking System).

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I used Bugzilla because it’s thought it’s actual name was Bugzilla. But it is now called “OpenMandriva Issue Tracker” which is a “bugzilla”. So Bugzilla is the software name not the actual name.

Edit: It’s home page says both. The header says “Welcome to OpenMandriva Issue Tracker” but below it says “Welcome to Bugzilla”. Uh oh, now we need to have a meeting… Anyway changed to “OpenMandriva Issue Tracker” .


Weren’t we going to add notice about ‘Install’ issue to Release Notes and Errata pages? Just looked and I didn’t see anything about this on either page. This is kind of important isn’t it? Something like:

Install in grub2 menu on ISO.

In come circumstances the ‘Install’ feature on the OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 ISO does not work. This is a know issue we were unable to resolve in time for the Lx 3.02 release. Developers are working on this and we hope to have this resolved in time for our next release. As a workaround you may install from ‘Live’ mode on the ISO. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

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Calamares Installer

On some systems the standalone versions of Calamares do not start; if you experience this issue please report a bug. The problem does not seem to occur if Calamares is launched from the live system.

But I’m wondering (and actually asked) if it was a calamares issue instead… :interrobang:

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