Update package Stellarium [updated]

Hi all.

I’m copying here a post I did in the old forum (https://forums.openmandriva.org/en/discussion/1087/update-package-stellarium).

Some days ago, on Dec. 13th, I post a request for update the package Stellarium (see 1441 – Update Stellarium package).

There were 5 days since that, and the package was not updated. I would
like to help, updating the package by myself and also creating the new
RPM, so it can be uploaded for all.

However, I have no enough knowledge to do that !

I would like to help and I think that something like a “recipe” (to create the RPM mainly) would be very helpful !!!

PS: I already downloaded the source code (from http://sourceforge.net/projects/stellarium/files/Stellarium-sources/0.14.1/stellarium-0.14.1.tar.gz/download).


creating RPM is easy and gives a lot of fun :smile:

First you may want to get our stellarium source, either from github or abf.io

Typing this in your konsole
git clone GitHub - OpenMandrivaAssociation/stellarium -b master

will fetch the sources for cooker (master), with -b openmandriva2014.0 you will get the sources for 2014.x release

Then you can start to work on your local copy, by updating spec file with new version.
You may take a look on commits log how updating looks like.

When you finish update of stellarium, you may want to start to build it on your local machine with
rpmbuild or with abf-c-c

I didn’t do that with Stellarium, but a few days ago, while testing the Build 13845 of OMV Lx3, I compiled the weather widget and it worked. I didn’t touch anything about commits or specs files. I just downloaded and installed dependencies (using urpmi) and then compiled the widget.
The widget was finally correctly installed in my test session of OMV Lx3. But the widget didn’t appear in MCC and I don’t know where was installed.

  • How to know where is installed a package if it’s not installed using urpmi ?
  • How to uninstall a package that it was compiled instead of installed by urpmi ?
  • How to apply rpmbuild if I don’t know where “went” the installed (not using urpmi) program ? Can rpmbuild be applied over the same files used for compilation and installation ?

You can look into the package, using mc for example, or list the files:

rpm -ql <package_name)>

It depends on the sources. Generally, the tree is created inside the source directory before copying to the “real life” tree by “make install”. So you can see where the files are copied.