Unable to fully install MATE desktop in Cooker - issue with mate-system-log

I attemped to install the MATE desktop in Cooker (mindful that the packages are in Cooker - Unsupported), in a separate VBox. The main package task-mate would not install, indicating a problem with mate-system-log (which is not otherwise installed).

Error: Transaction test error:
file /usr/sbin/mate-system-log conflicts between attempted installs of mate-system-log-1.26.0-1.x86_64 and mate-system-log-1.26.0-1.x86_64

I was able to install a minimal MATE desktop, by installing the task-mate-minimal package.

However, upon trying to add the MATE Weather Report applet to the MATE panel, a window appears that Weather Report has quit unexpectedly and if Reload is selected, it will automatically be added back to the panel. The other options are Delete and Don’r Reload. I do not know if Weather Report requires one of the other packages that cannot be installed because of the mate-system-log issue.

I am not in the developer team, just a user, but my
notion was, that OpenMandriva would be a KDE-specific distro.

As I said, I might be wrong, can it be?

@ycom1 Speaking as s user/tester, my understanding is that the other desktops are not officially supported by OpenMandriva. What I have installed (Cooker) and am testing, are in the Unsupported repository, but it is my hope that at some point, more desktop environments will be officially supported.

Finding, reporting and resolving issues - regardless of the specific desktop environment that’s being used, only helps make the distro even better.

This issue (installing the full MATE desktop) was resolved today. As to the MATE Weather applet, that has been broken out into a separate bug report.

KDE Plasma5 desktop is the “official” desktop at this time. This is largely a matter of allocating scarce resources, especially developer time.

We used to include LXQt desktop also but I do not think that is true any longer.

But this gets tricky to define. If everyone involved is part of the “community” then how do you label some desktops “official” and some as “community supported”. None the less I believe it correct to say KDE Plasma5 is “official” and all others are “community supported”.

Thank you for clarifying this.

My personal opinion on this is, not to take to many task
better focus on a small range of things for higher
quality and affordable workload! : - )

There is e.g. this other distro
named KaOS, which is concentrating solely on KDE, which
through this focus on a specific and smaller range improves
quality of the distro.

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I filed a bug report when the MATE weather applet would not launch. But tonight, I believe that was indicative of a larger problem with MATE, since the MATE panels crashed when I attempted to access the clock preferences. python3.1 also crashed prior to the MATE panels, per the timestamps.

The bug report was updated with the crash dumps for the panel and python3.1. If someone wants to change the header of the bug report, feel free.

The issue with installing MATE no longer occurs and I also found the solution to the Weather Report applet crashing, when attempting to add to the MATE panel.

The package libmateweather was not installed with the rest of the desktop. Once installed, the weather plugin loaded in, was able to configure, the MATE panels themselves no longer crash and I was also able to access the Clock Preferences (which is what caused the MATE panels to crash).

I submitted a pull request at GitHub to make sure libmateweather was included when MATE is installed using the task-mate package (as it obviously wasn’t), but it was closed, possibly in error. Is Github the proper venue for such a request, or should it be requested here?

Most likely yes. Sorry for this.

By all way, let’s ping @TPG @AngryPenguin (at least :slight_smile: )

@rugyada I added a comment to the issue (now closed) re the Pull Request, I thought that was the way to submit such a request. :slight_smile: