Unable to connect to SMB (Dolphin)


I have a freshly installed (a couple of days ago) and fully updated (“Up to date” rearding to Discover and dnf update) stock Lx 4.2 with KDE on an old Lenovo X130e. Unfortunately I’m not able connect to my Samba-Share with Dolphin, it says the following.

Unable to create io-slave. klauncher said: Error loading '/usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/kf5/kio/smb.so'.

I know kind of similar problem after updates (other distribution) where one has to restart, but this is not the case here. I also tried the connection with smbclient (with and without installed samba-server package), which is also not possible:

[markus@Panda ~]$ smbclient -L raspberrypi
smbclient: error while loading shared libraries: libpopt-samba3-cmdline-samba4.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

dolphin: 20.12.2
samba-client: 4.13.2

Let me know if and which log could be helpful.

Has someone an idea, how I can solve this?

Secondly a short question: Is Firefox 85.0.1 indeed the “current release” of the OpenMandriva Rock Release Channel?

Maybe worth mentioning: This Laptop has a quite old EFI, so the efibootmgr from the installation-procedure was not able to create the EFI-boot-entry, so I had to create it myself afterwards. But this should have nothing to do with the SMB-Problem.

Thanks in advance!


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OpenMandriva stable releases normally do not get any updates to tool-chain packages. As I understand things: Firefox releases are dependent on specific release of Rust/Cargo. Thus at some point Firefox will not update. Lest anyone think of asking “Well couldn’t you just upgrade Rust/Cargo”? That is yes and no. It would be possible but we do not have enough developer time available. OM Lx developers and contributors are all part-time, volunteers with family and jobs.

Our Rolling release has firefox 92. I’ll try to find a link to instructions about upgrading to rolling but that should be in Resources forum section.

The samba/smb issue needs a bug report. Also if you want to work directly with developers on the samba/smb issue go to OpenMandriva Cooker IRC.

Samba with Dolphin is a very old bug that has never been fixed in OMA.


As far as I know no one in the developer and QA groups uses Samba/smb. That is why I say we need someone that uses Samba to file a bug report and be available to test potential fixes.

It is also likely that a bug report will take some time. This is partly due to a very small number of developers all of whom are part-time, unpaid, volunteers.

Off topic comment: We have the same problem with nVidia proprietary drivers.


Mine was not meant to be a criticism but only an observation.

If you need to test something I’m available :wink:

Thanks in any case for the work you do.

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In fact I use Samba regularly and even use it as a master AD in a company, but I don’t know how to package.

I can associate my knowledge with that of packager.