Unable to boot in Secure boot mode ROME 23.08

I downloaded ROMEO 23.08 livecd kde to test it.
The idea was to give it a go, and then if I like it, install it.

I am unable to boot in secure boot mode…
I also don’t know if the Image is genuine, since, in the openmandriva website, there are not even checksums, or gpg sig files…

For the tests I did, I noticed that ESP partition only has {bootx64.efi,startup.nsh}, trying to launch them from UEFI shell gives always 'access denied’.

Then I tested with ubuntu, and with ubuntu its the same for the bootx64.efi, but if you execute grubx64.efi then it starts ok…
So I learned that you need to launch grubx64.efi, and that file will launch the other…or vice versa…

Currently there are a lot of problems in distros that are derived or close in philosophy to Fedora, due to problems related with secure boot, a ton of machines doesn’t boot in secure boot mode, the problem affects f38/39, my computer is one of those cases, some machines boot, others don’t…

Anyway, I saw that openmandriva doesn’t have secureboot support… and without checksums, sig files, and secure boot, unfortunately its a no go for me, since I don’t know if the image is even genuine… :frowning:

I like a lot of things in the distro, and I would love to test it, and install/contribute.
It their a way to enable it, or at least as a temporary mesure, to get checksums/sig files in the oficial site, so that people can verify them?

Secure boot won’t work. I believe OM devs hope to have that working in next big release. To test you would need to disable secure boot in UEFI firmware/BIOS.

On an installed OMLx system in /boot/efi/EFI/'OpenMandriva_Lx_[GRUB]' there is grubx64.efi. The ‘Live’ ISO I think is different but it works if secure boot is disabled.

OpenMandriva has no goal to be “like” Fedora or any other Linux distro. We make no claims that Fedora or anyother rpm distros .rpm’s will install. Often they do but not always. All OM software is built by us on our ABF (Automated Build Farm).

My personal opinion is that OMLx releases are solid and reliable. I am not unbiased as I am on the governing Council and in the contributor group (devs, testers, QA minions, ect.).

ROMEO? :grin:
I edit the title.

@gandalph welcome to the forum.

Yeah, thanks @rugyada I forgot the Welcome part…

Welcome to OpenMandriva and our forum. This forum is for users of OpenMandriva Linux operating systems.

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