Troubles playing CSS encrypted DVDs

Hi all,
I am having troubles playing CSS encrypted DVDs in both VLC and SMPlayer.
I am running a 5.10.14-desktop-1omv4002 kernel; cssdvd library is regularly installed.
Both video and audio stutter and behave as css decryption is not working. Any hint?

By default you should have libdvd installed but lib64dvdcss comes from restricted repo and it is not installed by default.
We need to make sure you have the correct version installed.

Show me this command:

rpm -qa|grep lib64dvd

@rugyada and @AngryPenguin I wonder if libdvdcss is something that should be added to the ‘Codecs’ installation in OM-Welcome?

Edit: Not for sure what all ‘Codecs’ installs but I believe it is these `x264 x265 lib64x264_161 lib64x265_192’ ?

OM-welcome > Applications > Multimedia > Codecs does install (also) lib64dvdcss2.

rpm -qa|grep lib64dvd