I would like to know how I can help with the translation of openmandriva because I did not find anything on the site


Hi @KaioBR, i18n is a field in which we lack manpower. I’ll try to gather all information this morning (my timezone CET) because I’ve some doubts about the current workflow.
Thanks a lot for raising this topic!


Hi there,

I’m willing to help with translations. Did you make any progress on placing the strings on some web tool like Transifex?
Starting with website strings might be an easy task as starting point.


Welcome @vinzv to OpenMandriva forum and OM distro. Hope you enjoy your time spent with both.

For @KaioBR and @vinzv I have to admit to not being knowledgeable about this subject. I believe is working.

Well endeavor to let @raphael and perhaps some other people know of your interest in this area where we do need human assets. I’m hoping we can get something going on this relatively soon. Sometimes in a small, all volunteer organization it takes a little bit of time to get moving on something like this.

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Hem… well yes shame on us for badly managing translations. Well it’s not totally our fault, we had several issues.
Quickly said, we had an account at Transifex, get blocked, then get unblocked but we lost all our workflow. Then we tried zanata but found we lacked some features we had in Transifex.

It’s indeed a very urgent topic to only raise but fix once for all. I’ll personally make a summary of the current situation and tools at our disposal, and we should take final decision next week of what we use and what strings we push.

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Ugh, yeah. Transifex indeed is sometimes… strange and quite unreliable for particular features unfortunately. But being independent might be better anyways.
I don’t know what exactly your needs are but maybe Weblate is something to consider. If you want to I can give input and/or try other web tools as well.

@ben79 Thanks! Just lurking around as I never really had an eye on OpenMandriva…


Yes it seems the competitors are weblate and pootle. Never tried to install or use them though. @vinzv would you like to try also Zanata instance and tell what you think about? We have some testing chains there…

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@raphael Sure thing, just email or message me.
I have never used Zanata before. Pootle was okay if I remember correctly.

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Hi everybody, we had a hard work this week-end with @rugyada on all related to l10n.

Zanata has several issues that made us hesitate to use it:

  • it made an internal server error because of a duplicate id in pot file, without any debug message (took me hours to test what was wrong)
  • it doesn’t accept php strings, so I could not use it for translating website.

Furthermore, the public instance has no organization workflow, meaning all projects are melted with other ones. It’s ok for single project, but less for more important organization.

Finally, we found it a little slow and complicated, but we could have been through this without the rest.

We considered installing Weblate or Pootle, but these are quite big pieces of software to install and maintain, with quite important requirements.

So we took time to come back to Transifex, to clean a huge history coming also from the times of Mandriva and even test the github integration. We kept the glossary, though, maybe it can help, but not sure. Anyway, we are starting from the ground and will add the different software to be translated during the next days.

@vinzv, @KaioBR and everybody interested, and as said by @ben79 previously, our Transifex home page is here:

You are more than welcome to help for translation :hugs:


Thanks so very much @raphael. And I look forward to having a few more people involved going forward. Certainly this is an area where OM has room to improve.

That’s great news, thank you for the efforts!

Just to make sure all other will find the right place:

(that /public/ tail is necessary)


Oh, I forgot:
How did you set up the synchronization from TX to GitHub (or any other Git)? Is it both ways?
I’m asking because I just opened two pull requests on GitHub for om-control-center and oma-welcome with German translations.


I know it can push a fully translated doc from Transifex to github and get the po files from github and create/merge them in transifex. So both ways should be good :slight_smile:

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Perfect, thanks! So we can profit both from TX translators and people preferring local .po files.


Is support for german translation needed? I would be glad if i could support you in translating some stuff into german

Krishan, thank you, you can see current chains to be translated here:

There should be soon some additional chains :slight_smile: