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We need a translation tool.

Zanata ?


Just to let people informed: we are trying Zanata now. It really seems to do the job.

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Om-control-center is the only doc to translate right now. Correct?
Is it up to date?
One thing we should verify beside the translation, is the good quality of the original text. There are often essentially typos and missing words.

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To my understanding there are a number of things with om-control-center that need fixing. Is is still an experimental package and is not ready to supplant drakconf.

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oma-welcome is not fully translated is some languages too.

Community may help in this, I hope. Eventually we may make a call for translator at localized section of the forum and at English section for other languages.


2044 – Add danish to language list under live

This is due to the handbook which has no sources (then no open source) maybe we should ditch it to get back our open source plan?

And use Zanata.

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Please remove obsolete troubleshooting stuff.
We have the oma welcome up-to-date .po file(s) finally so I’d like to get the traslations fixed as soon as possible-if possible.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’d like we use zanata, because it’s opensource, but contrary to Transifex, there is no organzation management, only single projects… wdyt keep transifex or move to Zanata?

I’d like to use Zanata too, but I’m absolutely not an expert.
We may want to consider pros and cons. Into the pro-transifex I found that translators already have an account there (so no yet another account needed) - but how many of them are still available?
Apart from “technical” details, as said I’m not expert at all, this is the only point from a pragmatic POV that I can think of in favour of transifex.

wdyt, we try with uploading to Zanata oma welcome po file and see what happens?

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Meanwhile you may make a pull request directly to the github repo :roll_eyes::wink: .

Naaaaah! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fine with me!

About oma handbook, i tried (but failed) to download resources using transifex CLI.

I’d like to save the English language source because it seems a good base for an official documentation. Content is very outdated, but structure is very interesting.

I’ll download the 45 resources one by one tomorrow and then delete the project.


I had no doubt that you would have think of this. In fact did not suggested, I knew already :grin:

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It seems we have a new problem.
We have the .po file(s) [1], but not a .pot

Source is from here
as suggested by Colin

<itchka> try this

@bero @Colin any help ?

[1] I think only English should be needed as main source for translations

.pot is not hard to do from po file, iirc, as it a generic structure: if I’m correct you take a .po, then remove the translated text (on the right of each line) and rename as pot.

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Apparently, you can directly rename en.po as en.pot as it contains no translation.
At least, poedit doesn’t complain with this kind of manipulation :wink:

EDIT: you can also open en.po with poedit and save it as en.pot (suppress the second translation: “Hi”).

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Thank you both.

This is what I did :thumbsup:
Got the pot file and uploaded.

As I am a bit dummy, I chose “Upload new source document” and so we don’t have any oma-welcome main container like it is for om-control-center :worried:

Any chance that you can fix this issue?
Sorry for that, practice will make me perfect :grin:

For testing, I started to translate some strings into Italian. Just to see how it works.
We already have some po files available. They are not up to date with latest changes of course but surely may help for not double the work already done.

Done :slight_smile: I have also removed the project.

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