Translating OMA website

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The strings for on Transifex seem to be either missing or be broken:

Also the stuff on Github looks outdated:

Are there any plans on making available in multiple languages? If so, how can I help?

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Sorry @vinzv for late reply, it’s something on which I’m working (I’ll also push some translatable content)

As I’m in holidays I should be able to improve the workflow in the next few days.

I start to push things on Transifex, meanwhile.

Coming back to this as I just started translating the wiki to German.
I still can’t find the translation sources for anywhere. Any hint on this?


Hi Vinz,

I failed linking the website to Transifex, however I can give you access to the website where you can translate from inside.
I’m working on a migration to a new engine linked to github and Transifex in a similar way to the wiki

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Sure, we can do that. But how future proof is this approach? Can strings I now translate be pulled out later to get them into Transifex? And what about proofreading?

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Yes absolutely, the text will be kept :slight_smile:

You should have received an invitation.

I can’t find it. How did you invite, email?

yes, you did not get it? Not in spam? Well, I create a password and send it to you by private message :slight_smile: