To all our users OpenMandriva Tribute edition

In a short while we will be releasing a new OpenMandrivaLx-2014.2 edition, this is a tribute edition to acknowledge the contribution that Mandrake/Mandriva Community made to the Free Software movement. This release will also contain many new features, and bug fixes.

As part of this tribute it was felt that everyone who uses a part of that heritage should be able to contribute to the release. How can you do that? Well in two ways… you’ll see below a paragraph of text that is the core of our blog post and PR effort for this release but it needs some input from you. We want your testimonials and writings.

“Mandrake was the first distribution to make a free operating system available which could be installed and configured by anyone who could use a keyboard and a mouse. When many of us first came to the “Linux” world, there were two types of distribution, the ones that gave you headaches as soon as you put the CD in the slot, and then there was Mandrake. The vision of its founder Gaël Duval created an operating system which undoubtedly allowed many, many people access to modern technology and in doing so added greatly to the strength of the free software community.”

You might like to say something like… “I started using Mandrake Linux when I was six and found it incredibly easy to use” but perhaps in a slightly more serious vein or you might like to compose a short paragraph to accompany the core text.

The best items will go in the blog post and PR material. The second way you can contribute is to help us create a name for this release. Though we do not normally name our releases we are making an exception in this case. But we don’t just want a name we want something that will show our respect for those who had the vision and did the huge amount of work that created Mandrake/Mandriva Linux.