Thunderbird 60.0-1 (in main-testing) freezes when first opened

Post-edit: You’ll see in a post below that this might be partially an issue with my ISP (Cox Communications). I don’t know for sure. But I do know I don’t have the issue with older version thunderbird-52.9.0-1.

Wanted to get this reported ASAP will try to get some details/information over the next day or so. Thunderbird 60.0-1 freezes every time when I first open it. So far I just force close it and restart it and on second or third try it seems to work normally. There is also a new getmail-5.6-1 in contrib-testing. Don’t know if this or Thunderbird is culprit.

Post-edit: get-mail has nothing to do with this. It is not installed.


It is possible that impatience is part of this as well. Maybe it is the case that the freeze is temporary and unfreezes after a minute or so. This is Konsole output from a freeze instance:

$ thunderbird

(thunderbird:5360): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-contained.css:41:58: Using one color stop with linear-gradient() is deprecated.

(thunderbird:5360): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-contained.css:77:60: Using one color stop with linear-gradient() is deprecated.
(thunderbird:5360): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-contained.css:2730:55: Using one color stop with linear-gradient() is deprecated.

(thunderbird:5360): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-contained.css:3201:60: Using one color stop with linear-gradient() is deprecated.

(thunderbird:5360): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-contained.css:3406:8: not a number

(thunderbird:5360): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-contained.css:3406:17: Using Pango syntax for the font: style property is deprecated; please use CSS syntax
JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/ExtensionParent.jsm, line 168: TypeError: is undefined

(thunderbird:5360): libnotify-WARNING **: Failed to connect to proxy

The only thing there that would not be present in a normal TBird startup is the last “libnotify-WARNING **: Failed to connect to proxy”.


Post-edit: The GTK-WARNING stuff is from a custom theme if I set Gnome Application Style to Breeze in SystemSettings5 those do not occur. I’ll leave that set to Breeze for now to see if that affects the temporary freeze issue.

Hi Ben79,

I do not see this behaviour. I do not get any error messages when I startup thunderbird. I wonder if the problem has something to do with network setup.

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Don’t know if the following has something to do with the problem described here. Just in case,

I used to launch thunderbird to get e-mail messages from accounts at gmail and others. Not doing this now for other reasons.
Recently, gmail has updated its accounts and since then every access to gmail at google’s page has to be done in two steps. First, I give password, access seems to be authorized but it simply stops and return to the password again. Second, I give password again and everything goes fine.

I wonder if this could cause thunderbird’s freezing when trying to connect to google’s gmails.

Unfortunately, I am not able to test thunderbird right now…

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I just checked and Thunderbird 60 works for me without problems.
@ben79 can you try Thunderbird 60 binary from mozilla website?

Download tar.bz2 archive from here - Thunderbird 60, unpack it and launch ./thunderbird binary.

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No, but if I downgrade to older OMV TBird package the problem goes away.


Now I’ve tried it and it does freeze also.

Most likely what is causing the temporary freeze is what TBird does when you first open it. In my case it has 5 different e-mail accounts and has to access every folder in every account. Which Thunderbird has done well for 15 years for me. But with TBird 60 something seems to be choking on that. One of the accounts is and the other 4 are (my ISP) accounts. This could have something to do with as lately it is slow downloading some e-mails. And the issue is known by them. (We have some Cox employee’s in BRLUG and NOLUG). And that’s why I report stuff like this to see if other people are having same issue or if it may be something specific to my situation/computers.

So thanks for the replies guys.


If the problem occurs on the package from openmandriva repository and also in version from mozilla, then I think that the problem is not on OpenMandriva side.

Maybe some hardware/software configuration or just upstream bug.

BTW. consider reporting this as issue to Thunderbird developers on Bugzilla.

That seems most likely.

That would be correct thing to do if I had more to go on. For now I’ll look upstream (Thunderbird forum, etc.) and see if anyone else has the issue. And perhaps also make a post on Cox Communications internet forum (Cox is my ISP) see if anyone reports similar issue there. Or otherwise try to talk to someone at Cox maybe through BRLUG or NOLUG.