"The project is locked because the organization has outgrown its paid-for limits. Please inform the organization administrators."

Hi @tapwag have you noticed the locked down message here:

Do you have an idea of what we should do?

Hello Raphael,

I am aware of this issue and I asked Council to apply for a free membership plan which transifex.com also offers for non-profit organizations. I did this a few weeks ago but haven’t received any feedback on this issue.


Is it still time to do something now?

@klebedeff told she will contact them :slight_smile:

I did, though I did not receive any notification (I did so through contact form), and no reply since 3 days. Will wait another 2-3 days and retry if nothing comes

Thanks Kate.

We had reply from transifex, @tapwag, and apparently we simply need to tick a checkbox to show we are an opensource project.

But I can’t manage other sections here:

Also Joao once opened an account at Zanata, if ever it seems a better alternative…

@tapwag did you gave time to check for other projects?