The latest OMV 4.0 Alpha doesn't boot

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(rugyada) #21

In theory if you upload a readme file its content is shown in the folder directory. Need to try, I can do.
What could be the text content?

(Ben Bullard) #22

A README file could contain something like:

"This is not an official product of OpenMandriva Association or the distribution or any associated organization. It is for internal private testing purposes ONLY. This is a very early, very preliminary, not ready for the public at large, and by no means ready for prime-time Preview ISO. Problems are to be expected and over time we hope resolved. It was not made on our normal ISO builder and should not be considered in any way representative of OpenMandriva’s public distribution nor in any way considered ready for public testing or review. If you do choose to download and try this ISO you are welcome to report any issue but please no complaints. :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: "

Note: What I’m talking about is a pop up window that user would have to acknowledge reading before ISO would boot. I really believe we should have this. Of course easy for me to say something I don’t know how to do myself…

Note-2: And I believe it should also in the case of i686 ISO on x86_64 hardware contain a warning "If you install this on x86_64 hardware your computer will probably explode :exploding_head: :scream: , in any event if you install this on x86_64 hardware for production use and encounter issues the first solution proposed will be install the x86_64 ISO ".

(rugyada) #23

This one done :nerd_face: :grin:

If @bero wants to make any change feel free to do, or tell me and I’ll do.
For now, better than nothing :wink:

Thanks @ben79 for help.



(rugyada) #24

This is how it’s displayed.
Nothing to download, just one has to read.

(Ben Bullard) #25

Great job on that @rugyada , really helpful.

(rugyada) #26

The last comment is for clarity, as I’m reading the TC meeting backlog and see something that does not make any sense :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ben Bullard) #27