The history of (Open-)Mandriva?

Back in 2005/6 I joined the Dutch MandrakeClub, which later became the Dutch MandrivaClub. Since 2015 I started using a Mac for work and have been a bit out of touch with things. I remember some stuff, but not all of it.

Recently I started a YouTube channel and would like to talk a bit about the history of Mandrake/Mandriva/OpenMandriva. I’d like to get my facts straight before doing so. :slight_smile:

First there was Mandrake.
Then I believe Mandrake merged with Connectiva, making it Mandriva?
There’s been PCLinuxOS, which I believe has always been a 3d party Mandriva fork so doesn’t strictly have anything to do with the old Mandriva?

Now there’s still Mageia and OpenMandriva. I always thought Mageia to be a 3rd party fork but according to Distrowatch, Mageia was forked by ex-Mandriva employees.
Where does OpenMandriva stand? Is it a resurrection of Mandriva SA, or something completely different?


@HighKing welcome,

I remember well of MCNL and its Community repository at mdv good old time.
Also have memory of some of your members among them Arvi/RvP, a good friend…

You may want to have a look at this topic, which (also) led to Questions and Answers.

Feel free to ask more about OpenMandriva history if any need.

Thanks! Lot of useful info in there!

We had a lot of fun building that community repo. Also helping Kris making MCNLive was very cool. When she decided to quit, I made one last effort called “MCNLive Kris” but I soon lacked time to keep going as well.

RvP sadly is no longer with us. He was a great guy, I have a lot of great memories about the times we went on route to conferences and club meetings together!

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Yes I had some conversations with him before he left, sad and very interesting at the same time :heart: