Testing OpenMandriva 5 Arabic


It’s been quite some time since I lasst wrote in this forum :slight_smile:. Now that I have installed OMA 5 in order to do some testing, here are my first observations.

Installation on Intel i7, with discrete nVidia Asus ROG laptop.

I made some space on the hard disk and booted OMA usb installation. I chose the free space I have already created and the installation went smoothly.

I have decided to choose Arabic for the installation.

Three issues on the installed system:

  1. Desktop / default panel orientation is LTR, where it should be RTL.
  2. I cannot delete or edit virtual desktops in systemsettings.
  3. WIFI security erroneously shows WPA/WPA2 Personal twice instead of showing WPA3 in network settings.

I have taken three screenshots, but I cannot see how to attach them to the topic.

Thank you for the great work.

Thanks for the feedback.

I increased your trust level on the forum. You should be able to post screenshots, ect.

I am not an expert on this subject at all. So maybe time for me to do some learning.

For @linuxero’s issue checking the desktop settings would be first step. Open SystemSettings>Regional Settings>Formats to see what current settings are. To change, it is faster if you know the first two letters of the locale code you wish to use. Other wise scroll through the list and find your locale code.

For Arabic:

Would this be a work around for this?

The only settings for Virtual Desktops I am aware of are these:

You can delete Virtual Desktops there. Those settings come from KDE with the Plasma5 packages.

NetworkManager is how you would change that. You can change in SystemSettings:

You can also find NetworkManager settings from the wifi icon in menu panel. As to why it detects something incorrectly I do not know. But to correct that likely would require a bug report.

Thank you for upgrading my trust level :slight_smile:

As for the orientation and Arabic, I have tried the regional settings in systemsettings, but that did not help. The only thing I could do is edit the panel manually and move the elements on it by hand. Still the menu is properly shown :frowning:

The Virtual desktops lack the edit and remove options in systemsettings in Arabic. See screenshot:

The WIFI settings appears to be an error in translation. Compare as in screenshot:

I shall keep on testing for other stuff that are of interest to me :slight_smile:

Again thanks for the reporting and feedback.

I suggest to file OM bug reports for each issue separately. Though one or both of these could prove to be upstream issues.

FWIW: KDE Bugtracker. NetworManager issues.

Edit: This may be a good time to mention that OM needs contributors and developers to help with translation issues and other things. OpenMandriva contributors are all community members. That means we are all part-time, unpaid, volunteers.