Testing new Znver1.iso with ROCK repos

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Installation on hard drive, formatted partition ext4, start no UEFI, no Secure Boot, Grub2 using MBR.

  • Calamares : No comment, except the usual password User/Root that bothers me (almost all operations are to be launched with User password, what I hate, because I like to separate interface settings and system settings).

  • Installation perfectly brought to the end.

  • Restart, no comment, all in order.

=> THE REPOS ARE ACTUALLY SET “ROCK” by default, you just have to mark “Non-free, etc…”

Before updating, I tried to install : Firefox, Thunderbird, Gkrellm, PysolFC, Cairo-Dock, Conky.
Except Conky, no other of those applications started.

After updating (22 pkg), pysolFC did work as pakg “random2” was in the update.

Some packages are missing (libsensors.so, other python… etc…) to allow Gkrellm and Cairo-Dock working. I could not download them from other repos (Cooker, Release, Rolling,) when with my other LX4 this had been possible… (?)

But the most important is a bug with GTK that doesn’t allow FIREFOX and THUNDERBIRD to start.
See attached file : FF TH-bug.txt (516 Octets).

Thank you

Hello @D27
Thank you for the feedback.

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Forgot to say… the import of the GPG key is effective on this version.