Test reporting for OMLx 4.0 Beta Candidate ISO's

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This is a general thread for reporting testing results for the just release Beta Candidate ISO’s:


optimized for x86_64 AMD ZEN Architecture ( Ryzen, Threadripper and Epyc CPU’s):

Post-edit: I’m hoping the title is descriptive and specific enough for the purpose.

Note: Please if you have any serious issue open a separate thread for that specific issue. Otherwise it is to difficult for developers to follow and help and to difficult for users to search to see if their problem is already reported. This thread is just for reporting, comments, feature requests, and so on. This applies to any issue that a user needs help from others.

To-Remember: One issue=one thread. If you have another issue simply open another appropriately titled thread for the new issue.

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Hello all,

long time… I will try to last more this time

I have tried to install this beta and unfortunately I can only use the work “try” as it has failed to happen.
After booting from the DVD, I am given the choices to

  1. go in live mode
  2. set my language
  3. set my keyboard
  4. Other (check memory…)
    No option to install so let’s go in live mode.

In live mode, the KDE session starts, I could briefly see an error message popping up saying something like “/run/… cannot be mounted” but it starts.
The OM welcome window is opened but is blank / shows nothing.
I then double click on the intall icon and another message comes:

The installation has failed (translated from French)
The installation program has not been able to create the partitioning table on the disk WDC WD1600BEVT-75ZCT2 (translated from French too)
Create a new partition table (type msdos) on “/dev/sda”
Job: Create new partition table on device “/dev/sda”
Command: sfdisk /dev/sda

Is there anything else I can do to install or help fixing this beta.


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Well live mode got the installer.

That is not normal.
Are you sure your image is not corruped or wrong burned/dd’ed ?

You can opne konsole and then run calamares like this:

pkexec calamares -d >my.log

Then attach my.log in here once it breaks.


I have burnt again the iso
After running the live (in English), the OM welcome window comes with proper content. Will try again later running the live in French to double check if the problem I experienced first repeats itself.

I have run calamares as instructed. The issue is still there. Here is the log.
my.log.txt (17.7 KB)

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OM Welcome issue
I confirm that if I choose French before launching the live then the OM Welcome window comes blank. But after closing it, if I reopen it using the desktop icon, it comes with the expected content in French.

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Your disk seems to be very strange partitioned.

I pushed an fix to util linux for extended layouts this is not in the BETA iso.

So you have:

sda1 primary
sda2 = extended
loots other partitions

From log I see you want to install into /dev/sda , deleting everything , is that correct ?

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Yes, I plan to delete everything. I can try to drop the sda2 and try again to install. The laptop I am using is dedicated to test 4.0. so nothing valuable in it :slight_smile:
The other alternative would be to wait for the new iso and test if it handles the issue. I will not be able to retest before next week-end anyway.

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Well if so you can boot the ISO , use partitionmanager ( or cli fdisk etc ) , delete everything
from the disk and start fresh over by creating a new partition table then reboot.

After that you should be able to install.

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Closing this thread. I’m thinking opening these general threads is a problem because people report problems in them. Then the problem is buried in a thread with an entirely different title and no one developer or use will easily be able to find your problem.

We have to enforce the concept of:

One issue = one thread

We also have to get users to open bug reports if they believe they have a bug. Developers want bug reports for real bugs not forum threads.