Temporary Google Analytics tracker


I’m against tracking users, but I need it temporarily for automatic report of pagespeed configuration efficiency.

Please tell me if you have opposition to this tracking, and I will use another kind of manual testing.

If any person is against, I’ll remove the tracker script (you can reply here or pm me if you prefer private reply :slight_smile: )

If it’s needed, and if it’s temporarily even better, no opposition.

I’m not fond of Google Analytics, but I won’t object to just us admins being tracked temporarily.

Once we’re not in private beta, installing the Piwik code seems to be fairly simple https://meta.discourse.org/t/support-for-piwik-analytics-as-an-alternative-to-google-analytics/7512/27

Yes +1 for piwik, if you want to activate it for discourse don’t hesitate.

About GA, I need it because it’s able to manage test samples, that’s to say to compare what is the difference of speed between pagespeed activated, not activated, some modules activated or not.

Once we have the perfect combo, we can rely only on piwik.

We now have both :smiley:

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Analytics is now disabled.