TC meeting Week 26-2016 report

1 Release Report
2 Examine the practicality of using GiHub for reporting issues.

Full log

  1. We are in good shape to move toward an RC candidate there are still some bugs to fix the main one being an issue with Calarmares and libparted. This is being investigated already and it’s solution may resolve an issue with the standalone installer entry. i586 booting is still a problem a regression now (hopefully) fixed will allow diagnosis to continue. No further major updates are planned unless they are required to fix a very serious bug. If RC has not materialised before next weeks meeting there will be a further review.

  2. A proposal was made to examine the practicality of using the GitHub issues interface as a replacement for Bugzilla and a tool Waffle for issue progress and basic project planning. The idea has been introduced and further discussion may talke place when the release process has been completed.