TC meeting Week 17-2016 report

Full log

– Cooker is not updating properly due to huge (50 package) change to kdepim the major work is done and things should return to normal in a day or so. Once this is complete lx3 will be branched.

– QA Procedures. A preliminary discussion.
We need to make sure that all have common understanding of ground definitions related to QA. Discussion has started and to be continued. Some of ideas are below

Bug Definition:
“Anything that can be reproduced by a developer in a consistant fashion”
This definition was discussed and was found to be difficult to justify in the case of hardware where a developer may not have the hardware to be able to reproduce the bug. It became clear that hardware was a special case and that the definition could not be applied since the developer may not have the required hardware to satisfy the definition of a bug.
It was suggested by QA that the severity of a hardware bug must be assessed by it’s impact on the users attitude to our distribution.
Clearly a non-funtional wireless card due to a missing driver, firmware or just plain not supported does not have the same impact as being presented with a black screen due to a problematic graphics server.
This was discussed at some length and various approaches to try to define what is and what is not supported was discussed. Some progress was made with this. It was suggested that if the graphics adapter was listed in the Xorg.0.log as being supported by the driver then we should do our best to ensure that it is functional is our iso releases. The usefulness of lists would be further enhanced by user feedback from users and external sources to try to make sure that there were no rogue adapters in the list which had not worked for long periods of time.
The discussion brought up further issues such as cases where users have upgraded their machines by plugging a separate pci/agp/pcie graphics card into their system. Since this was a common practice it was felt that it should be supported it was however hard to find a definition as to what constituted a bug in these circumstances. Since we are unable to support any real graphical server fixes apart from building newer upstream releases this was deemed a difficult situation to be able to give a rule for and probably requires further discussion. The thought was expressed that where such bugs were found that these should not be ignored but that their severity level and possible resolution should be a point of discussion between Developers and QA.
The situation regarding laptops with dual graphics adapter was not discussed.
These issues will be discussed further in the cooker ML in the coming week
The discussion will be resumed at next weeks TC.