TC meeting Week 10-2016 report

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.1. Main cooler repos are now in good shape

.2. A new iso has been issued for QA approval for beta some boot and issues were found that need fixing so this candidate was not accepted.

.3. As the repos are now in good shape the process of connecting the new ABF to the mirror network will now be started.

.4. ETA for QA approved beta release is on or before 16th March

What is 1 about?

BTW I have more or less finished connecting the mirrors to new ABF (although I did not not I would have to do that :stuck_out_tongue: )

No clue :slight_smile:

17:27:05 #share Main cooler repos are now in good shape

I’m supposed to just copy/paste “#share” lines from the log.
The person chairing or sharing should take care of the lines being written in a comprehensible way.
@Colin ??

Thank you @raphael for the work on the mirrors.

it was a cooling problem, and it was resolved by a maintenance technician. it was mentioned in the mailing list, but I can not verify for now :slight_smile:

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irreplaceable :grinning:

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Cooling doesn’t have repos to my knowledge. Colin probably meant “Main cooker repos are now in good shape”. Would be nice if we could get him to confirm that though…

:joy: that would make sense!