TC Meeting today 27-12-2018: 17:00 CET 16:00 GMT

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(Colin Close) #1

There will be a short TC meeting today.
Here’s an Agenda,

  1. The path to LX4 beta. Next steps… Rolling Release or not?
  2. AIB
  3. AOB


(Ben Bullard) #2

In case I can’t be present here’s AIB:

AIB-2018-12-27.txt (1.8 KB)

(rugyada) #3

Full log


- KApps updated to 18.12.0
- Boost updated to 1.69
- Qt updated to 5.12
- LibreOffice updated to 6.2
- LibreOffice has kde5 integration


- Figure out why sddm doesn’t start X on aarch64
- Release aarch64 images
- Fix up oma-welcome; remove unused packages amongst others
- Fix up om-cc; fix references to urpmi

(Ben Bullard) closed #4