TC Meeting today 26-07-2017: 17:00 CEST 16:00 BST

There will be a TC meeting today at the usual time


  1. ABF Documentaion progress
  2. Progress report on upgrade of rpm
  3. Progress report on dnf porting
  4. AIB (Any Interesting Bugs)
  5. AOB



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For Item # 4 we can mention first last weeks bugs:

16:27:45 As for actual bugs:
16:28:05 pymol cannot start as the executable expects pymol to be located into the site_package directory of python3.4 while it is in fact inside directory of python2.7
16:28:44 libdbusmenu is broken
16:29:19 And:
16:29:35 tellico cannot be installed due to older package (lib64kcddb4) than the installed one

2196 and 2197 are sitting on confirmed 2198 is listed as In Progress. Would be great if there is some way to get any or all of these to RESOLVED.

And additionally for item # 4 there are some new bugs to squash:

Request to build and publish new texstudio package

mouse hang on boot
2201 – mouse hang on boot

Kernel-error on 4.11.3-desktop-2omv

Full log here.

About bug #2196: fixing pymol requires to upgrade both pymol and python-pmw so they can work with python3. python-pmw use an un-usual policy: the source archive contains two separate version of the code one for python2 (1.3.3) an the other for python3 (2.0.0) so I need to know if I should split the spec. About pymol I read the (old?) warning at the beginning of spec file and stopped. However I published the new packages into my repo and the wok for me.