TC Meeting today 25-07-2018: 17:00 CEST 16:00 BST

Hi Everyone,
There can be a short TC meeting today to allow reporting on the current state
of cooker however we will need a chair. I cannot attend due to doctors
appointment which could not be arranged to be on an alternate date or time.
Perhaps bero or ben79 can chair?

As usual the meeting will be short as people will be busy fixing packages

  1. Report: Cooker mass build
  2. Lx4 Release Plan. Further discussions
  3. AIB
    4: AOB


No logs, maybe there was no meeting.

There was and chwido was working so logs should have been created.

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The only logs we have from July 2018 are for July 4.

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Matrix backlogs confirm:

15:25 itchka -> ben79: ping
19:03 ben79 -> Who me?
20:34 itchka -> bern79: bero: I was hoping one of you would chair the meeting

Check with ashledombus I think he may have moved the znc server which supports chwidomaybe that broke something else further down the line.
A meeting definately took place. I can probably clone the logs from my box if all else fails

I keep hearing about this znc server. I keep asking if I can gain access to this znc server?

If there is a znc server I really wish I knew how to get access to it. That would be a big help.