TC Meeting today 21-11-2018: 17:00 CET 16:00 GMT

Hi Everyone,
There will be a short TC meeting today to allow reporting on the current state
of cooker well as other items.
Let’s try to keep things concise so we can get through all the agenda as there’s still lots of work to do.


  1. Report: ABF cooker dnf
  2. Lx4 Release Plan. Where are we.
  3. GitHub issues system. Report on workflow, practicality
  4. AIB
  5. AOB

Continuing the discussion about renaming OpenMandrivaAssociation to OpenMandrivaPackages to get purpose clearer.

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Why do we have both OpenMandriva Software and OpenMandriva Association in Github? They do not have the same content.

One is for packages, other for software developed by OMA.

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Shares :

- New artwork is now in latest alpha build.
- Current alpha build has bug for older processors once this is fixed alpha will be released.
- We decided to use either MirrorBrain or MirrorManager for mirrors for repos for dnf
- itchka and bero will look at bugs 2387, 2388, and 2389 and modify scripts to make Cooker repos in installed systems more logical and eliminate typos
- itchka will look at script for and correct as per bug 2390