TC Meeting today 13-09-2017: 17:00 CEST 16:00 BST

There will be a TC meeting today at the usual time


  1. Release Progess Report
  2. Reports:-
    ABF Documentaion progress
    Upgrade of rpm
    dnf porting
  3. AIB (Any Interesting Bugs)
  4. AOB

Please note that there will be no meeting next week unless someone else is
able to chair it.


Most of the excitement this week was about glibc and problem with /etc/nsswitch.conf. We will inform everyone when new glibc package stack is available for testing. There was no bug report on this.

Any progress? on:

Chromium version is getting rather old

kate/kwrite only edit as sudo ??


issues om-control-center

om control center: add netprofile manager

Little late but here are the logs. And here.

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