TC Meeting today 03-10-2018: 17:00 CEST 16:00 BST

Hi Everyone,
There will be a TC meeting today.
As usual we will try to keep the meeting short as people will be busy fixing packages/abf.


1: Report: ABF cooker
2: Lx4 Release Plan. List of packages for release notes; Plasma configuration issues. Wayland default?
3: AIB
4: AOB. Suggestion from TPG to have abf redirect to a static web page if abf is down or broken.


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Looking like I will be late or absent. Don’t have anything ready for AIB but there are bug reports in need of solving including this one I filed this morning:

Thunderbird won’t open (GLib-GIO-ERROR)

Also regarding Plasma Wayland as default for Lx 4.0 I don’t see it as being ready at all for that. I have computers with Intel graphics and I can’t really function in Cooker with Wayland due to crashes including (but not limited to) every time I close a window. As far as trouble shooting this and getting logs my stance at the moment is that is possibly asking to much to deal with all the other things that aren’t working for me in Cooker and try to chase issues with X server (or is it Wayland server?). I’d prefer to stick to getting things I’m used to using working first and then let’s trouble shoot Wayland.

To be fair I have had buzzards luck with Wayland so far and have wondered if Wayland developers somehow have forgotten about Intel graphics. But or course that is irrational. I don’t really know why I have troubles with it but I do and it isn’t just one computer.

Post-edit: Another thing to keep in mind about my comments is that I just got Cooker installed on multiple computers in the last 24 hours. So things may get better in a few days. Installs were from ISO build ID # 2232 with calamares updated to I think version 3.2.2-3. Not positive about version number.

Full log

Shares :

- Wiki entries have now been created for the Lx4 release there are four sets of documents one each from alpha to release. Help required to fill them in.

- There will be a post on the forum to discuss any changes that might be required on oma welcome any help to generate a job list would be welcome.