TC Meeting 2019-04-17 report

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Actions and Shares:

– After mass rebuild we split repos and produce an ISO and test for 1 week and decide to do another RC release or if all is agreed to be OK we release 4.0

– We should learn from this experience and sharpen and tighten up our release process and write how we are going to do release process in our wiki before we begin 4.1 release development.

– QA Team needs to re-write documentation for QA in period between 4.0 release and beginning of development for 4.1. With the documentation to go in our wiki.

– QA Team should use this time to change, add, and subtract from how we do things as needed and as agreed upon.


I just merged another thread here with same information and then realized I should have just removed the other thread. That is where the 'hidden" post came from.

Hope I got this right.