TC Meeting 2018-11-28

Hi All,
My wife is retiring and we have had our house up for sale and now have a buyer. This means I have to go house hunting this week and it’s likely I won’t be able to chair the TC meeting.
I hope somebody can pick up the task. I will try and be there but I have 5 appointments to cover on wednesday so it may not be possible.

Here is a suggested agenda.

  1. Report: ABF cooker dnf
  2. Lx4 Release Plan. Where are we.
  3. mirrormanager2 or mirrorbrain needed before Alpha release
  4. GitHub issues system. Report on workflow, practicality
  5. AIB
  6. AOB

With regard to item3 either I or ashledombus will report on this.

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I nominate @bero.

If he isn’t available I can give it a go myself.

I can also be a 2nd chair to fill in if @bero or other chair person is called away.

It seems like rewriting drakxtools and drakconf is off the table for OpenMandriva. I understand if we don’t have person-power or time to do this.

We have in the past told users we would not just throw these away without something to replace them. So we need to make some kind of decision about what we are going to do about this. FWIW: Users are asking and concerned about losing their much beloved tools.

Also rpmdrake, and friends like drakrpm-edit-media. Discover seems an inadequate replacement for these. No one seems to actually like Discover and internet search shows distro after distro users reporting troubles with it. My concern is that when I reported user issues with Discover in Lx 3 I got more about what crap Discover and/or PackageKit was than I actually got issues resolved. I’m skeptical that will change. So is dnfdragora an adequate replacement? If we believe Discover is crap I would prefer we don’t have as default package for Plasma ISO.

One question about ManaTools/dnfdragora is if we have issues and report bugs upstream to Mageia how will that be received? Also are we willing to give up OM control of maintenance of such basic packages to another disto?

Could we please reach a decision on these in next TC-meeting? Would think we need to decide soon if we are going to replace so we can get that process started and to allow for adequate testing.

Speaking of dreams, mine would be to get a porting of YaST :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
In my opinion the best tool after the good old mcc/omcc.

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I prefer Yast to MCC/OMCC.

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Software management is the most crucial thing from the whole drakx* stuff. In ROSA, we dropped almost all drax long time ago in favor of native DE tools, but we had to leave Rpmdrake (and surely edit-media) just because we failed to find and integrate any alternative…


I kind of like that approach. Would darn sure prefer a better written rpmdrake and drakrpm-edit-media to Discover. And I only say something about how rpmdrake is written because that is what devs tell us, I don’t know code myself.

One tool missing from Plasma would be the discontinued KUser, we could use a replacement for that also.

This will be A.I.B. for today’s TC-Meeting:

A.I.B.-2018-11-28.txt (938 Bytes)

Post-edit: AIB was postponed untill next week due to other issues taking so much time.



Shares :
- The plan for Lx 4 Alpha is to have manatools, dnfdragora, apper, KUser, and updated om-cc for our users to test

Notice :
- Anyone running a builder please make sure they identify themselves correctly

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This is my favourite approach. When using Rosa it makes more sense having one SystemSettings panel for both KDE and system.