System proxy: how to use in any software

I’m using KiCad, an electronic CAD that access it’s library via internet. Unfortunately my internet connection at work has proxy but KiCad hasn’t proxy settings.
Several software, e. g. Firefox, use system proxy, then can works normally as soon as system proxy is set. But what if a software hasn’t “system proxy” option?
Is there a way to “force” any software installed to use system proxy?

I’m lacking in knowledge on this subject. So an opportunity for you to train and educate me. :joy:

Have you been able to achieve this in past in other Linux distros or 2014 or older versions of OpenMandriva/Mandriva? The configuration in SystemSettings5 doesn’t achieve this?

I did Internet (StartPage SSL) search with “Linux Is there a way to “force” any software installed to use system proxy?” but my lack of knowledge leaves me unable to discern if any of the results are useful.

Probably I’ve not been clear and my low english skill don’t help. Let me try again.

I’ve a laptop that I use at home and at work, in different network environment.
To surf the net at home I use wireless connection to modem or tethering connection with my mobile phone. Of course no proxy.
At work I use wireless or LAN connections connected to a proxy.

To change proxy settings I use the windows you show: “no proxy” at home, “Use manually …” at work. This is enough for several software, the best example is Firefox that use “system proxy settings” of your image. First I set proxy then I open Firefox and it works everywhere.
Unfortunately several software are “insensitive” to proxy settings made in systemsettings and don’t works when I’m at work. An example is KiCad: it works normally at home, at work it’s unable to connect to any internet address and works partially.

I think that Firefox ability to check proxy settings every time it starts is a Firefox feature. But I’d like to have this feature for all software and I ask if there is a way that any access to internet, coming from any software, “must use” proxy setting in system settings.

Have you tried mcc->Network->Server proxy?

Thanks for explanation Giorgio.

I use proxy settings normally but they don’t have any effects in several software. This is why I ask a way to “force” any software to use proxy.

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Thanks for explanation Giorgio.
[/quote]Hope I’ve been clear. :slight_smile:

If both mcc and PLASMA solutions fail you may try to install a transparent proxy or play with firewall settings in order to route your traffic to the proxy. Another example.

Very interesting. It seems what I’m searching for.
But unfortunately it seems quite complicate to install and use, well beyond my skill.

I think it is what drakproxy is for.


I think it is what drakproxy was for.

command line “drakproxy” is exactly equivalent to MCC → Network & Internet → Proxy and unfortunately this setting has no more any effect see bug 2087

Well, I fixed my own answer ;).

I’ve never really try but I think you may redirect you traffic using the new gui for firewall at mcc -> Security -> Set up your personal firewall -> Zones -> (public) Port Forwarding. Here you select the source (for instance tcp/80 or upd/80) and redirect to your the proxy (for instance using the default squid Local Forwarding/3128).