Switching to RPMv4

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we are bout to switch RPM to version 4.

Cooker and 3.0 may be broken for upcoming days, as we need to adapt our docker builders and scripts to RPM4 and dnf.

Yes DNF, and this means urpmi is going to say bye bye for cooker and 4.0. @bero and @ngompa are working on smooth upgrade process from 3.x to cooker/4.0

So what are the benefits ?

  • RPM4 is actively maintained over RPM5
  • RPM4 gives whole consistent suit for package management and repository management
  • DNF a wide standard to manage rpm packages (install, uninstall, upgrade etc.)
  • Less bloat, no more ugly perl code and hacks
  • No more ugly hacks and ancient adaptations just to make thing a “little work”
  • Support from the upstream

Sorry for all the inconvenience.

Big thanks goes to @ngompa for preparing whole RPM4, @bero, @fedya





Thanks four your huge work! :smiley: