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Here are some quick news about the distribution:

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So it is time for smart OpenMandriva users to begin preparing for a fresh install. There is a conversion script for upgrading so that will be possible.

Any Linux distribution will tell it’s users that a fresh install of major operating system version changes is preferable to upgrading. Anyone who tried upgrading from 2014 to Lx 3 should know that. Upgrading from 2014 to Lx 3 was frankly a very bad idea. Anyone still trying to maintain such a system is being hard headed and the opposite of smart. Remember >>> Just because upgrading is possible is not the same as upgrading being a good idea.

Also Linux users should know by now the wisdom of setting up their computers such that they won’t “lose all my data” if they need to do a fresh install. Partly this is due to the rapid rate of change in Linux. By far the best way to do this is to maintain a separate partition for data storage and not store data you wish to keep for a long period of time on your /home or / partitions. Here is one “How To”. There are more on the World Wide Web. I use /home only for short term storage and for user settings. I don’t store any data I wish to keep on / ever.

Post-edit: I also do back up some of what I keep on my Data partition to DVD periodically. Like about twice a year currently. Some folks would want to do this more often depending on the nature of their work.


I always try to backup my HD on a SSD via USB (that rhymes - I’ll be damned). That way if something happens to the HD I’m alright. So looking forward to LX 4!

As for upgrading or fresh installation - I prefer a fresh installation. That way hopefully there will not be any conflicts. I also wait to download the new ISO a couple of days later after release; saves the server from being strained too much as it would be on the day of release.

Just my two cents (or 1 1/2 cents - depending on my frame of mind. :smiley:


I’m also waiting for a fresh install because my Lx3 becomes a bit unstable …

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I usually choose ISO download from Torrent. It relieves servers and very often downloads ISO even faster.

Yeah I think this time I’ll use a torrent download, instead of the usual. Will definitely help the servers from straining.