Suggestions how to improve our landing page


i’ve asked UX guys from my daily job, to run some audits and brainstorming on how to improve our landing page. Overall UX feedback was very positive, and they suggested couple of minor changes that may improve visitors experience with our main site:

0. Overall idea is to pack as much information on first fold of the site, and i guess we care for more downloads
1. Remove as many blank spaces and spacings as possible
2. Reduce the wiegth and height of glorious (that blueish flower background)
3. Add H1 (OpenMandriva Linux Distribution) ← very important for SEO
4. Add H2 (Here comes Lx 4.1 release) ← very important for SEO
5. Add H3 (…And OpenMandriva did better) ← very important for SEO
6. Add text Released 2020-02-01
7. Add direct link to our 64 bit ISO (user clicks on URL and browser download’s window apperas…)
8. Add Other downloads (user clicks and got redirected to OpenMandriva)
9. Add Read our release notes (user clicks URL and PDF opens

Below you can find a suggestion how our landing page should look like. Orcourse RWD should be supported.



Not sure there is that much to remove.


Already there…

Already there…
Read our release notes’ vs. ‘Release Notes’ imo redundant or useless.

Not sure to agree.

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I’ve asked some professionals for tuning up our landing page, like I’ve promised I came back with feedback.

Those guys rearranged this site a bit, you may want to take a look on attached graphic project.

Hi @TPG @rugyada,

sorry for having only hearted/liked the discussion without really interacting.

I had many emergencies to manage first but will now focus on it. Just a question:

you may want to take a look on attached graphic project

Where is the attached graphic project? You updated the first post? Not sure to get it, sorry.

@raphael Graphic project is attached to my first message here.

Tux is Back ! all he needs is his Top Hat !
Page looks ok to me ,it’s very Professional ,The photo negative and flat graphics are popular these days
Very nice first impression . The OpenMandriva at the top of the page is a little small though IMO.
and a slight reduction in the size of the flower is not a bad idea , raise it up a little reduce the size a bit
and let the bottom leaf show.

aspect ratio is off , it has a stretched look in comparison , go with the first one :wink: