Suggestion for new website


  1. Easily change text in landing page (I guess in 3 months «here comes Lx 3» may seem outdated :slight_smile:

  2. Switch themes
    I’d like to add a way to quickly change themes in website, like in current blog (for halloween, christmas etc.). For example we could set themes including different set of colors, different background and home image, wdyt?

  3. @jclvanier I did not have time to import you carousel from sitedev, if you want we can do it.

  4. @rugyada here is a first rough draft of blog front page (very rough, lot of elements are lacking), do you think it can be somehow ok?

Keep for 1 month ?
Then we should think about a new sentence.

Nice idea :slight_smile:



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:slight_smile: I like it.
Any way to have the first (the most recent) post more large (large as the 2 following, that is) ?

Anything is possible, I’m happy you validate it :slight_smile: Then I’ll make a bigger one (a sticky one and if no sticky, the latest)

Yep. For some cms it’s “normal” setting.
The latest (or sticky) is large 2x, over the less recent.

I quickly made some changes, I need to adapt a little the sizes… But the idea is here :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve added a fake pagination below.

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:clap: It begins to take shape :slight_smile:
Let’s not forget the small socials icons.

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Done :joy_cat:

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Move topic ?

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Yes done :slight_smile:

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